Hello, I'm Michael Harper


I became fluent in Spanish in under a year, and lost my accent in less than 2!


I started to learn Spanish roughly 5 yeras ago, and I did it because I thought that the thought of speaking to someone else in a different language would be cool. I had some friends who were Spanish speakers as well so it just made sense!

I didn't want to waste time in Spanish classes spending over a year just to start talking in the past tense! I wanted to get to communicating, and FAST.

 So I dove into my own method of learning. It started with learning the verbs. I wanted to know what each verb conjugation meant and how to conjugate them properly. I knew that if I could master the verbs, then the rest would come easy. Luckily, I was right!

After that, I immediately got to speaking to as many people I could, everyday.  

Thanks in part to Spanish, I met my wonderful wife Andrea, who is Venezuelan. I can't imagine how my life would be if I didn't have Spanish as a part of it. I use Spanish to communicate in my most important relationships now.

Spanish played a major role in opening some incredible doors in my life. 

Because I understand the impact that learning a new language can have on one's life, I am passionate now about teaching my method and helping people learn Spanish quickly, like I did.